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Edgewater is one of Chicago’s most sought-after neighborhoods, and it’s easy to see why. It appeals to real estate investors and those looking for a home alike with its perfect mix of urban living and laid-back charm, making for a delightful community. Edgewater also has a stunning location right on the lakefront, which really adds to the appeal.

A park on the border of Lake Michigan with trees visible and high-rises in the background

Living in Edgewater is being part of a close-knit community. There’s a warm, welcoming, and inclusive energy that permeates the area, with plenty of opportunities to get to know your neighbors and feel at home. While it’s certainly part of Chicago, there’s a laid-back feel in Edgewater that makes it the perfect spot for anyone looking to settle down in the city. The neighborhood’s thriving community and growth potential also make it a hard spot to ignore for investors. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or a profitable investment property, Edgewater is the place to be.


If you’re thinking about moving to Edgewater, you’ll also be pleased to know that its real estate market is on the upswing. Right now, it’s competitive while still being affordable compared to other Chicago neighborhoods. The current median home value is around $250,000, with homes selling for around $230 per square foot. Home values have also increased by about 5% in the past year, a trend that’s expected to continue into the future.

A unique aspect of Edgewater is its large quantity of historic homes. Many of these homes have been restored to their original glory, which makes them highly sought-after by homebuyers looking for the charm and character of vintage architecture. There are also plenty of newer developments, like condominiums and apartments, that are great for buyers who prefer a more modern feel.

In short, Edgewater has a strong, competitive, and relatively affordable real estate market, making it an attractive option for homebuyers and investors alike. From modern high-rises to classic Victorians, the neighborhood has something for everyone.

A row of houses with porches and fenced-in yards, with trees next to the sidewalk


Edgewater enjoys a prime location on the far North Side that provides residents with easy access to the lakefront and parks, with a very calm feel compared to other parts of the city. However, the neighborhood is well-connected to the rest of the city, making it a lovely blend of convenience and tranquility.

Multiple CTA train and bus lines run through Edgewater, including the Red Line and the #36 Broadway bus. It’s also close to Lake Shore Drive, so it’s just a short drive or train ride from downtown Chicago. If you prefer to bike, most of the main roads have bike lains, and there are plenty of Divvy bike-share stations scattered throughout the neighborhood. Regarding airports, Edgewater is about a 30 minute drive from both O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport.

A row of houses with grass in front and trees lining the sidewalk


Edgewater welcomes its residents with a vibrant, diverse community that accepts people of all walks of life. The blend of urban living and peaceful tranquility makes it the perfect place for everyone from young professionals to families with children. Residents have easy access to a variety of outdoor activities throughout the year, thanks to its proximity to the lake and other green spaces.

An abundance of local businesses, cafes, and restaurants reflects the eclectic mix of cultures that make themselves at home in Edgewater. You can sample international cuisine, shop for locally-made crafts and products, or just take a walk and admire the street art found throughout the neighborhood.

Edgewater really offers a unique community and lifestyle that combines city living with a relaxed vibe. For investors, it’s a wonderful opportunity to invest in a growing market that has great potential for long-term success. Whether you’re looking for your next home or your next investment, Edgewater is a neighborhood you don’t want to miss.



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