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Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or someone looking for a mentor to buy your very first investment property, I can help you find that property you are looking to buy. My wife and I have been investing in properties for the last 2 decades. Our very first investment was a house hack: a property we bought and lived on one floor while a renter lived on another floor to help pay our mortgage. We eventually rehabbed that property and sold it before buying and selling dozens of other properties in Chicago and the suburbs. We also own rental properties that we manage.

I bring first-hand knowledge on how to evaluate a property, negotiate, and close the deal. Although there are always variations, most investments are one of these four types:

1. House-Hacking

My very first investment property was a house-hack.  My wife and I lived upstairs and we rented out the downstairs. Our tenant paint 75% of the rent.  It was a great way to save money and begin our career in real estate.


2. Buying and holding a rental property

There are some unique challenges to finding great investment properties in and around Chicago.  You have to know where people are looking to rent and how to calculate all the costs to holding that property.  And it helps a great deal to know the tenant's right laws in the area.


3. Flipping Properties

The secret to flipping properties is buying them below market value in an area that either has limitless potential or is underserved by quality housing.  Know which areas in Chicago and the suburbs offer the best potential is extremely important.  When it comes time to sell the property, you will need to know how to market and stage the property to sell it for the most money possible.


4. Investing in an AirBnB

A well run AirBnB will usually bring in much more money than rent, but it does require more maintenance.  Running a successful AirBnB requires knowing what you need to do and have in the unit to get the maximum price, great reviews and a steady stream of passive income

If you plan to start or add to your real estate investment portfolio, I will partner with you to help you secure the property that matches your goals.




3102 N. St. Louis



4303 N. Sawyer



1935 N. Kedvale


Dan was always extremely responsive, and when we were under contract close to closing, he would make himself available to be at the property, even when I couldn't, to handle last minute tidbits.

Dan not only knew the local market but the general. He was able to guide us to an investment property that turned a positive cash flow from day one. His confidence and knowledge in negotiating the deal maximized our return. He listened to our needs and delivered flawlessly.

—T. H.

His hard work and attention to detail landed me with an amazing property and I will forever be thankful for that. I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy property to use Dan!

I've been involved in real estate for the past 35 years. Dan Nelson represented me in the purchase of my most recent property. Working with Dan was the most professional and the smoothest real estate transaction of my entire real estate career. Dan is simply great. I recommend him for all your real estate activities.

—H. E.

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