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  • How do you make your living outside of real estate investing?

          - Software Engineer

  • How old were you when you bought your first property?

          - 23

  • Tell me about the first property we bought together

          - After looking at 2 to 4 units,

we decided to look at single families.

Bought one in a good location that

was super well-maintained. Had

great bones.  

  • How did you find the tenants?

          - Know of a friend who needed

a place to live. At the time she was

living with her friend and their lease

was expiring soon.  So I rented out

rooms to them.


  • How do you communicate with

your tenants?

           - Text,  but soon everything house-related will be communicated through an app I am developing.


  • What do you do to collect rent? 

           - Check, Cash, Zelle


  • What would you say to encourage an investor who hasn't yet bought their first property?

           - First,  get educated. Don't get stuck in analysis paralysis.  Go see all the houses you can. Ask questions. Don't leverage (especially right now or in your first deal). The only way you will get experience is by doing it.

  • When you think about your future, what are your long-term goals as an investor?  How many properties do you hope to own and how much cashflow would be enough?

          - I don't really have a number in mind.  I want to architect my portfolio in a way to preserves wealth, has a modest cash flow, and sets up the next generation. And maybe to "retire" earlier. 


  • Is being a real estate investor easier or harder than you thought it would be?

          - I would say harder. With only one deal under my belt not sure I can label myself as an investor, but I learned to succeed especially today, you have to be creative to find good deals. In the last couple of years anything you bought appreciated, but that is no more. Also, look at the macro level. What's going on in the economy, the world? Timing is important, but the most important part is having a good team around you.   One last thing, don't quit your job. I do this as my second job. Don't quit your job and say you will be a real estate investor with no plan. To invest you need money. Especially today.  

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