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Avondale is a wonderful neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago. Though it was a fairly inactive neighborhood just a few years ago, it has significantly grown over the past several years and is now one of the best places to live in Chicago.

Right now, Avondale is in a practically perfect position for real estate. New businesses and residents are flooding in, but prices are still quite low. If you're interested, be sure to include Avondale in your neighborhood search since it's quickly losing its under-the-radar quality.

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Avondale has great public transportation, and it's very walkable and bikeable. Getting to the Loop or O'Hare by train generally takes about 40 minutes. It's also becoming more and more of its own destination, rather than being surrounded by more popular neighborhoods.

Avondale is quite affordable. Though prices are increasing, average home prices are much lower than in nearby neighborhoods like North Center.

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Avondale has some great restaurants along Elston Avenue. Some of my favorites are Parachute, a delicious Korean restaurant, and Kuma's Corner, a great burger place with connections to the Chicago heavy music community.

The neighborhood also has some lovely historical buildings, like St. Hyacinth Basilica. There are some great entertainment options, too, like Prop Thtr, which performs original stage adaptations of literature.

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