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I am an expert negotiator in getting you the best deal for any purchase, sale or investment. I bring a unique blend of real-life buying and selling knowledge combined with technical expertise. My wife and I have been flipping properties and buying rentals for the last 20 years in Chicago.

In 2023, I was named the Elite agent for Chicago by BiggerPockets. I recently appeared in Episode 813 to do a dive deep into the Chicago Market. Drawing from my own experiences and insights gained from navigating our dynamic real estate market, I shared some stories and expertise about investing in Chicago.

It is both exciting and an honor to be named the Elite agent in Chicago and I love working with clients that have found me from, the website, or my social media. You can watch the full podcast episode on this link.

The love of transforming homes helped me develop a keen eye for value and potential. I will work with you not only to sell or buy your home but also with ideas to make it your dream home. Because I have been through so many of my own purchases and sales, I have encountered nearly every emotion and challenge you can in real estate. I know how to support you through the process, whether this is your first home or your tenth – from first-time homebuyers to practiced investors, I've seen it all, and I will provide you with the best possible real estate experience.

For every client, I bring uniquely personal and professional experience, and if I have the opportunity to work with you, I will treat your home exactly like I do our own. I guarantee that my wealth of knowledge, resources, and personal experience will make us the perfect team to help you find your dream home.


Dan Nelson is 100% the person you want by your side when your looking to find a home. When my partner and I began our leap into buying a condo we did not realize what we were getting ourselves into. Luckily Dan was always a voice of reason. He assured us to stick with our gut and take the time to find what we really wanted.

As a first time property investor, Dan spent a lot of time helping me navigate through my first deal. He is patient, responsive, knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated to serving his clients. It's more than a deal to him; Dan is a relationship type partner and he will do what's best for your interest. I would 100% recommend him to first and many time buyers!

—A. M.

Dan knows the industry and the market inside and out; he is an expert negotiator, and provided a steady guide to the process. I especially appreciated how he explained what we needed to know, and also what to ignore. We got an excellent price for our house, I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

I had the pleasure of working with Dan Nelson on purchasing my first property in Chicago. He was always available, incredibly patient, and a wealth of knowledge. I couldn't have done this without his guidance and support: Thank you, Dan!

—G. B.



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